Adrian Peterson's Mother Comes to the Defense of Her Son

After hearing everything going on with her son Adrian Peterson, his mother Bonita comes to his defense.

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Adrian Peterson's mother Bonita Jackson has finally broken her silence about the child abuse allegations surrounding her son. Bonita maintains that Adrian is just "trying to be a good parent" who is far different from how the media is portraying him. Peterson's mom admits that AP "grew up in a family where children were disciplined from an early age" which could've been anything from a spanking to the use of a belt or switch. 

Bonita went on to defend the use of corporal punishing, saying: 

"I don't care what anybody says. Most of us disciplined our kids a little more than we meant sometimes," Jackson, 50, said in an interview from her home in Spring, a Houston suburb. "But we were only trying to prepare them for the real world."

"When you whip those you love, it's not about abuse, but love," Jackson added, accompanied by her current husband, a Baptist minister. "You want to make them understand that they did wrong." 

As for the mother of the 4-year-old child involved in the child abuse case, Bonita feels no ill will towards her. 

"We're not mad at anybody. She's so sweet," he said of the boy's mother, who lives in Minnesota and is studying to be a nurse. "At the end of the day, we want to protect our children. It happened and so now we as a family need to work things out and move forward."

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