Boston Fans Called Out Over Racist Comments Following Red Sox Black Lives Matter Banner

Some Boston Red Sox fans are facing backlash following ignorant comments being left under the team's post supporting Black Lives Matter with a banner.

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red sox

The Boston Red Sox expressed their solidarity toward the Black Lives Matter movement by erecting a Black Lives Matter banner on the exterior of Fenway Park on Wednesday night. This act was met with heavy pushback and anti-Black Lives Matter rhetoric, however, from some fans of the team who were upset that the Red Sox showed support for the movement

I wish you wouldn't have done that. I'm so disappointed.

— Mike Salters (@mikesalters1) July 23, 2020

Shout out to a particular strain of Bostonian (that we’ve been assured doesn’t exist anymore) existing in the replies.

— Chillin in my Bacta (@DarthAmin) July 23, 2020

got through like the first five and that was bad news but the good news is there should be plenty of season tickets whenever baseball comes back for real

— scott dee (@ute_in_casper) July 23, 2020

I guess I won't be watching any sports ever!!!! Till my teams of course makes the playoffs...

— BCJR🇩🇴 (@BJC613) July 23, 2020

Many Bostonians and others took this opportunity to point out the fact that racism is still very much alive in the city, and that people's reactions to the team's decision is proof of that.

This is real.

— Red Sox (@RedSox) June 10, 2020

It’s good to have unjustified contempt for your customers.

— Geoffrey Pereira (@PolAdIntel14) June 10, 2020

Back in June, the Red Sox released a statement addressing the racism that is prevalent in the city of and how their fans have been culprits of perpetuating it at times as well.

"Last year there were 7 reported incidents at Fenway Park where fans used racial slurs," the team wrote. "Those are just the ones we know about. And it's not just players. It happens to the dedicated Black employees who work for us on game days."

This statement was met with similar criticism in the comments as their Black Lives Matter post as well.

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