Aaron Rogers Says Ending His Career As a Packer ‘May Not Be a Reality’

Aaron Rogers also spoke about his feelings behind the Packers drafting Jordan Love.

aaron rogers

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aaron rogers

Aaron Rogers spoke with the Wisconsin media via virtual conference call on Friday afternoon, and during the press conference he said that he’s unsure how much of a reality it is that he will be able to end his career as a Green Bay Packer.

These comments came following a question regarding the Packers first round pick for quarterback Jordan Love out of Utah State. Rogers told the press that he was not necessarily thrilled about that pick, and so a reporter asked why that was.

“It is definitely telling at this point that is truly something that’s out of my control,” Rodgers said. What I can control is how I play and making that decision at some point a very hard one.

"You know, if I were to retire in the organization’s timetable, then it’s an easy decision. But if there comes a time where I feel like I can still play at a high level and my body feels great, you know, then there’s other guys that have gone on and played elsewhere.”

Roger added he’s looking forward to building their relationship and is excited to work together.

“I think it was more the surprise of the pick based on my own feelings of wanting to play into my 40s and really the realization that it does change the controllables a little bit, because as much as I feel confident in my abilities and what I can accomplish and what we can accomplish, there are some new factors that are out of my control,” Rodgers said.

“And so my sincere desire to start and finish with the same organization, just as it has with many other players over the years, may not be a reality at this point. And as much as I understand the organization’s future outlook and wanting to make sure they’re thinking about the team now and down the line, and I respect that, at the same time, I still believe in myself and have a strong desire to play into my 40s. And I’m just not sure how that all works together at this point.”

Rogers also suggested that he knows nobody is untradeable earlier in the press conference, saying, “I want to go out and prove that I’m still an elite player in this league, and if I do that then I’ll feel good I’ve got the opportunity to finish my career in Green Bay. But I’m definitely not arrogant in the mindset that it would never happen to me. It happened to Favre, it can happen to any of us.”

Rogers clarified that he has no resentment towards Love either, saying that he understands that his selection was a business decision from the organizations point of view who will have to keep building, even when he retires. 

This was still sad news for some Packers fans, since the legendary Green Bay quarterback is going on his 15th season with the team and holds several NFL regular season records.

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