The NFL offseason has turned into as much of an event as a Sunday full of games. Between the coaching carousel, trades, free agency, and the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft, there are endless storylines that emerge from February through August. The flurry of transactions for each team sets the stage for success or failure the following fall.

Planning is a key part of every franchise’s process. Whether it’s an owner itching for a new general manager and head coach, or a front office looking to upgrade a few starting spots, no competent leader has just a Plan A. Those that panic and rush their process are easily exposed once the games begin.

We can already start to see the early writings on the wall from this free agency period as there are now clear winners and losers based on each team’s maneuvering. It’s not all about throwing a lot of money at your problems, but rather investing wisely into the right solutions and maximizing your assets.

We have five winners and five losers from the first two weeks of free agency. Some are players, others are entire teams, and some moves impact the greater direction of the league. Thankfully for the losers, there’s still time to change direction and save the offseason but time is ticking.