This Morbid Chevy Ad is Trying to Use Your Dog's Mortality to Sell Equinoxes

A real downer.

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Well this is depressing. A new advertisement starts out with a woman and her dog, Maddie, who is presumably about to be euthanized. It then backtracks through her and the Maggie's life, all the way back to when she first got the golden retriever as a child. So what is this ad for? An upcoming, gut-wrenching dog film? Nope, it's for the Chevrolet Equinox. Because everyone knows mortality is the direct path to the consumer's heart wallet. 

The final scene shows the young girl bringing her pup into an Equinox with the tagline "A best friend for life's journey." First of all, a car—even my beloved Shelby Cobra—will never be on the same level as a dog. No one is ever more upset by their car getting in a collision than their dog, umm, getting in a collision. And second, all this ad does is make me realize my dog, and everyone else I love, is going to die one day. That doesn't make me want to buy an Equinox. It makes me want to lie in bed and curl up in a ball.

We're all for emotional commercials, Chevy, but this is not how you do it. 

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