The Best Sports Plays of 2015

These are the best sports plays of 2015.

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Amazing sports plays made your jaw drop, made you dance in celebration, and may have made you cry in 2015. If you're a true fan, you live for those moments no matter what, because you like sports and you don't care who knows.

It's difficult to definitively rank the best-of-the-best plays from this year, because how do you compare an amazing soccer goal to a game-winning Hail Mary?

But alas, it's the end of the year and my boss said I had let's look back together before we jump forward to 2016, fam. Prepare to get your heart racing and your eyes watering as you relive some incredible moments that remind us why we're fans.

Check out the video above for the 10 best sports plays of 2015. Get hype.

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