LeBron James Confirms 'Space Jam 2' Will Start Filming This Summer

During an All Star Weekend interview, James confirmed that the upcoming film is moving right along.

lebron james all star

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lebron james all star

UPDATED Feb. 21, 9:26 p.m. ET: SpringHill Entertainment took to social media to announce the release date for Space Jam 2.

The movie will be out on July 16, 2021. 

July 16, 2021 🎥🏀🥕 #SaveTheDate pic.twitter.com/qV1Tnxuksd

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The LeBron James versus Michael Jordan G.O.A.T debate is as timeless as sports arguments come. The 34-year-old Lakers star has continued his trek into superstardom despite nearing the age when the greats tend to call it quits. With a 27.1 points per game average currently, he's not slowing down anytime soon, which has kept the Jordan comparison alive and well. Now, the two greatest players of all time will have another career highlight in common—Space Jam

During an All Star Weekend interview, James confirmed that Space Jam 2, the sequel to Michael Jordan's crossover 1996 film, will begin filming this coming summer. As previously reported, James will be playing the leading role in addition to being one of the film's executive producers.

LeBron got the kids in Charlotte excited about Space Jam 2, which starts filming this summer pic.twitter.com/qqJwCNy1b8

— The Crossover (@TheCrossover) February 16, 2019

The original film featured Jordan as he teamed up with the Looney Tunes to take on the wicked Monstars in a game of basketball. Although the film wasn't cited as an acclaimed cinema release, its notoriety has been immortalized thanks to Jordan's infamy and the endless entertainment that the Warner Bros. characters bring to the big screen. 

In September 2018, SpringHill Entertainment, which was co-founded by James, announced that Ryan Coogler, the acclaimed Black Panther director, has signed on to produce the sequel, with Random Acts of Flyness creator Terence Nance confirmed as the project's director. In an interview with Vice, Nance explained that he believes the film will "disrupt everything."

🏀 🥕 🎬 pic.twitter.com/Ay6wRaB915

— SpringHill (@makespringhill) September 19, 2018

In addition to James, Eric Bauza will reportedly be taking over the roles of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd from Billy West. It has yet to be confirmed whether Danny DeVito, Bill Murray, or Michael Jordan will be returning to reprise their original roles. 

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