New "Change the Mascot" Ad Shows Washington Without the Redskins

Will Washington ever make a change?


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The campaign to change the mascot and name of the Washington Redskins may not have enough backing to buy a Super Bowl spot, but that doesn't that they can't create a Super Bowl-sized stir anyway. 

Today, the National Congress of American Indians released a new ad to complement their growing "Change the Mascot" campaign. Using Robert Griffin III's game-sealing, 76-yard touchdown scamper against the Minnesota Vikings in 2012, the ad digitally brushes out the Redskins logo to prove the campaign's point: Take away the mascot, and it's still Washington football.

You can watch the original run below. 


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On a side note: Remember when we thought RGIII was going to make Washington into annual playoff contenders? That was a fun time, wasn't it?

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