Old Video Shows Triple H Beating Up Fan Who Tried to Attack "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

This old video shows Triple H beating up a fan who tried to attack “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the ring in the late 1990s.

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Some old footage of Triple H suplexing and then beating down a fan who attempted to climb into a WWE ring in Germany to attack "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has surfaced online. The clip—which was first uploaded to YouTube back in January—has been making the rounds on Thursday after popping up on Reddit. It was filmed sometime in the late 1990s, and it's definitely worth a watch if you're a longtime WWE fan.

As you can see in the video, Stone Cold ended his match with Triple H with a "Stone Cold" Stunner, but as he laid on the canvas, an overenthusiastic fan rushed in to try to toss a few shots at him. What followed was an INTENSE suplex ​as well as a barrage of punches from Triple H and then a steady stream of kicks to the head and kidneys from referee Mike Chioda.

Back in 2013, Austin actually talked about this specific incident on his The Steve Austin Show podcast. At the time, he said that it was a crazed fan who was cheering on Triple H that attacked him. "I was just about to celebrate," he said, "and somebody tackles me from behind and takes me down and starts punching me."

During the podcast, Stone Cold thanked Triple H for helping him out. "When you're in the ring with a cat—and I was a babyface, Triple H was the heel—you're always looking out for your guy's back," he said. "Triple H, stand up cat, he picked that dude up, slammed him, and started punching his lights out."

Stone Cold also mentioned that he couldn't join in because it would've been out of character, but he said he thought "it was hilarious."

You can listen to him describe the altercation in his own words below:

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