The Most Prolific Fathers in Sports History

This Father's Day we take a look at athletes who've fathered a small country of kids.

muhammad ali

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muhammad ali

Shout out to all the dads out there—today is your day. And while this "holiday" may be overblown because it's always on a Sunday (a day you had off anyway), and you still have to walk your dog, and pay your bills, and smile through getting a shitty #1 Dad! mug that puts you in a million-way tie with all the other dads whose kids half-assed their gifts, at least you (probably) don't have a half-dozen children to cut child support checks for. That's a plus. Shoutout to you. 

Unfortunately, these athletes weren't so lucky. Their propensity to drop their drawers has led to a lifetime of obligations and some well-deserved ridicule. If your dad is laid-back and reflective, maybe you just stay in with him, buy a sports movie, chill out and eat wings. That's a combination you can't go wrong with. Unless of course you're one of these guys, and need a movie theater and full staff to do so. Here's The Most Prolific Fathers in Sports History:

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Adrian Peterson

adrian peterson

Kenny Anderson

kenny anderson

Mike Tyson

mike tyson

Vladimir Guerrero

vladimir guerrero

Shawn Kemp

shawn kemp

Willie Anderson

willie anderson

Muhammad Ali

muhammad ali

Willis McGahee

willie mcgahee

Jason Caffey

jason caffey

Travis Henry

travis henry

Evander Holyfield

evander holyfield

George Foreman

george foreman

Antonio Cromartie

antonio cromartie

Calvin Murphy

calvin murphy


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