Russell Westbrook Says There’s ‘Too Much Leeway for All the Fans to Touch the Players’

A young fan prompted Russell Westbrook to call out the NBA—and the kid's dad.

Russell Westbrook
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Russell Westbrook

During Tuesday night's Thunder-Nuggets game, Russell Westbrook tossed a death stare into the eyes of an overzealous young fan who made contact with him mid-game. While media framing it as a "push" might be exaggerating a bit, said contact still looked pretty annoying:

Russell Westbrook pulled the dad card on a Nuggets fan after the kid gave him a little push.

— ESPN (@espn) February 27, 2019

Russell Westbrook On Being ’Hit’ By Young Fan: “You’ve Got To Control Your Kids”

— Keimo Therapy a.k.a. Rude Boy (@keimo_therapy) February 27, 2019

"He hit me, so I told his dad, ‘Be careful, you can’t just have your son hitting people, just let him know,’" Westbrook said. "You’ve got to control your kids. It’s that simple. He’s responsible for his kid. Watch the game, sit there, have fun, enjoy it."

"You've got to control your kids."

Russell Westbrook wants to see boundaries in place preventing NBA fans from touching the players on court after a young supporter appeared to push him:

— The Sporting News (@sportingnews) February 27, 2019

Westbrook also offered his two cents on changes, though unspecific, that should take place in the future. “There’s too much leeway for all the fans to touch the players and get away with it. We can’t react and do the things that we need to do to protect ourselves," he said. “It’s important that they understand—kids, whoever it is, dads, moms—that they can say whatever they want, as long as it’s respectful, but the touching, for me, is off limits.”

"There's got to be some type of rule or some type of boundary set that you can't allow that."

–Russell Westbrook after a court-side fan touched him Tuesday night

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) February 27, 2019

He also said he was unaware, at first, that it was a kid that touched him. “No, no, then I turned around and I see it’s a kid,” Westbrook added. “Initially you don’t know that, but I can’t… What am I going to do? Hop in the stands? There’s got to be some type of rule or some type of boundary set that you can’t allow that.”

Check it out below:

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