Wrestling Match Temporarily Halted as Crazy Fan Attacks Roman Reigns With Briefcase

During a house show in Victoria, British Columbia, a fan tossed a replica "Money in the Bank" briefcase that struck the wrestler in the back of the head.

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As a kid I marveled at the ability of pro wrestlers to get smashed through tables and slammed onto the mat with (what looked like) their necks absorbing most of the punishment. Now, as somewhat of an adult, I marvel at the ability of wrestlers to maintain their character(s) amidst often unscripted chaos. The ability to do just that was tested last night at a house show in Victoria, British Columbia for both Bray Wyatt and (especially) Roman Reigns. As the two were in the middle of a match, a fan in the front row threw a fake Money in the Bank briefcase that popped Reigns in the back of the head, which reportedly made him woozy as hell.

Here's play-by-play of the event from a fan who was apparently at the match (as reported to SB Nation's Cageside Seats):

Below is a video of the aftermath but, unfortunately, not the actual incident:

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