Rob Gronkowski Tries to Convince Everyone He Doesn't Actually Like Beer

So what's he drink then?

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Despite all evidence to the contrary, Rob Gronkowski sat down with Fox Sports 1 host Katie Nolan recently and revealed that—GASP—he doesn't like beer. The revelation, which is probably about as sincere as when Gronk told a radio host he was "a virgin," came during a Truth or Dare segment for DraftKings.

Nolan, showing why she's a rising host for Fox Sports 1, interrogated Gronk about his opinion on beer with the appropriate level of skepticism, and in doing so, provided us with a batch of surprising Gronk quotes, including:

"I don’t even drink."

And though he immediately contradicted that when pressed upon the frequency of his drinking, he said that—no, really—he doesn't drink as often as you think he does:

"Not that often. Maybe once or twice a week. Depending. During the season, barely ever. Offseason, you get your workouts in, you do what you gotta do, and then you can go have some drinks."

This actually may be true (emphasis on "may"), though, if it is, it would seem Gronk gets caught on camera almost every single time he pounds a beer.

So what's his favorite drink, you ask? Oh, you didn't? Well, here it is anyway: 

"Vodka water. With a splash of cranberry. You gotta stay hydrated while you get a little tipsy."

Finally, while giving his closing thoughts on the matter, Gronk said this about why he avoids the suds whenever possible:

"It tastes weird."

Still, he noted that there are exceptions to the rule, like, for instance, if you catch him in the right mood:

"Sometimes, depending on the mood. Like, [if] you brought me out tonight, you put LMFAO on, you threw a keg stand there, you never know."

Sometimes you just have to question everything you thought you knew.

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