Rob Gronkowski is a crazy guy during the offseason. But now that the regular season is right around the corner, it seems he's back to being boring Gronk, the guy who just wants to play football and make Bill Belichick happy. At least, that's the impression we got when we listened to the first half of the Patriots tight end's appearance on The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show today. He played it straight and didn't offer up many interesting quotes during his interview.

However, guest host Gary Tanguay managed to segue from a question about Gronk getting tackled on the field to a question about Gronk's sex life at one point. It was every bit as awkward as it sounds, and you could almost hear Gronk cringing through the phone. But Tanguay proceeded with it anyway and asked Gronk to tell him how many women he has slept with. And while it felt like a weird question for him to ask, Gronk played right along.

"I'm a virgin," he deadpanned, leading the hosts to inquire about whether or not he hangs out with Tim Tebow regularly. "Yup, you know it."

A virgin? Riiiiiiight. You can listen to Tanguay ask the question at the 6:30 mark of the clip here.

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[via ESPN Boston]