O.J. Simpson's Infamous Hypothetical Murder Confession Actually Involved an Accomplice

FOX is set to air O.J. Simpson’s interview he gave back in 2006.

O.J. Simpson during his parole hearing.
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O.J. Simpson during his parole hearing.

12 years after it was recorded, FOX is set to air an interview with O.J. Simpson, no doubt to capitalize on America's odd fascination with a double-murder that went down well over two decades ago. The interview was originally held off due to extreme pressure, but now seems as good a time as any to bring it back.

In the interview, Simpson explains how he "hypothetically" killed his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, as well as her friend, Ronald Goldman. If that sounds like a familiar premise, it's because it's pretty much identical to the 2007 book If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.

Prior to its original cancellation, the book was set to be published by ReganBooks, which was headed by editor/publisher Judith Regan. Regan sat down and talked to Simpson as part of an accompanying interview, which is what this is. According to TMZ the following happened during the conversation:

Sources familiar with the program tell us, Simpson talked in the third person as he described how the murders might have been committed, but at some point in the interview he lapsed into first person. We're told it sounded like a first-person account of the murders and, although it's not a clear confession, it's in that arena.

TMZ also claims that Simpson talks about an unnamed accomplice he had during that night. As for the details, TMZ writes:

Simpson's scenario goes like this ... he went to her house the evening of June 12, 1994, to "scare the shit out of her." He took the Bronco to her home with his friend, brought a knife and put a hat and gloves on for dramatic effect.

I have no idea what "brought a knife and put a hat and gloves on for dramatic effect" even means in this situation. But FOX is set to air the morbid special on Sunday, March 11.

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