Here's Who Michael Jordan Would Pick to Star in 'Space Jam 2'

Michael Jordan tells kids at a basketball camp who he'd choose to be the star of a 'Space Jam' sequel.

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If there ever actually is a Space Jam 2, it will likely star LeBron James. At least if production on the feature starts at some point before he turns 50.

But, if the star of the original had his way, the player kidnapped and threatened with becoming an amusement park attraction would not be the current No. 1 player in the world, but would instead be the Clippers' Blake Griffin.

That's what MJ was filmed telling a crowd of youth basketball players after a camper asked him the question that is on the minds of a buttload of kids, as well as wayyy too many adults: 

LeBron James as the star of "Space Jam 2"? MJ has other ideas 🤔 (via lashmiller/Instagram)

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) August 2, 2016

While at first the choice of Griffin may seem odd, it's worth nothing that the Clippers' five-time All-Star is already in Los Angeles, and has established an acting resume with a nude appearance in Broad City and a number of Kia commercials.

He also just so happens to have a Jordan-brand sponsorship which is--uh--probably just a coincidence.

While it seems like an extremely long shot, we will admit that casting Griffin in the hypothetical sequel's starring role could open up a whole list of possibilities for the potential screenwriter(s), including a number of opportunities for Griffin to embarrass Monstars with over-the-top posterizations, and also to break his hand punching the Toon Squad trainer in the face.

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