It Appears a Maury Povich Paternity Test Is Being Written Into a WWE Plotline

Which line will he go with? ARE! or ARE NOT!

Maury Povich

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Maury Povich

On Monday, Maury Povich made a brief foray into the WWE's campy plotline that has fans possibly interested in whether Rusev or Mike Kanellis is the father of Maria Kanellis's baby (note that Maria and Mike's same last name is no coincidence).

For those unaware, the storyline bubbled up in July after real-life married couple Mike and Maria lost a mixed tag-team match where Maria said she was pregnant with their second child. According to Uproxx, Maria and Mike have to deal with typical relationship hurdles, like how she constantly busts Mike's balls about how he's not "man enough" to get her pregnant. And she also cites his in-ring opponents as guys who could actually be the dad.

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Not to let an opportunity go to waste, the WWE reached out (...on Twitter) to the authority on paternity tests/weekday afternoon viewing, that being Maury. According to Wrestling Inc., this was an idea that had been pitched within the WWE, so behold that brainchild come to life:

Last week on RAW, Maria named Ricochet as the child's father, but Ricochet claimed she was lying and beat Mike in a match. On WWE TV, Maria then said that Rusev was the father and he also quickly bested Mike in a fight. They go on to say that this is a plotline that the promotion intends to build to at least one more reveal and that Rusev won't be the father in the end.

Anyway, prayers up for Mike. This is every married man's worst nightmare.

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