Mark Wahlberg Will Produce a Movie Based on Caron Butler's Life

From a teenager dealing drugs to an NBA All-Star.

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14-year NBA vet Caron Butler has had himself an interesting life, so interesting in fact that Mark Wahlberg deemed it fit for a Hollywood movie, and agreed to a deal to produce a biopic based upon it. Wahlberg's interest in Butler's story (based upon his 2015 book Tuff Juice: My Journey From the Streets to the NBA) was first reported last year, as the two had already developed a friendship during Butler's two seasons with the Clippers.

The flick will tell the story of Butler's transformation, starting with his youth on the streets of Racine, Wis. where he began dealing drugs at the age of 11, and was arrested 15 times before he even had his driver's permit. It was actually in a detention center where he developed his love for the game. Barring some stupid twist ending (always possible), you know it'll have a happy conclusion as Butler went on to become a two-time NBA All-Star.

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