The Lions Are Officially Investigating a Fan Shining a Laser Pointer at the Bills

After a couple of Buffalo Bills complained about being hit with a laser pointer on Sunday, the Detroit Lions have decided to investigate the incident.

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On Sunday the Buffalo Bills marched into Detroit's Ford Field and topped the Lions by a score of 17-14, that was punctuated with an 11-point 4th quarter. This could be described as a mild "upset," yet the only guy who seemed to be more upset than Detroit, was quarterback Kyle Orton who complained to a ref while motioning towards his face. At the time the announcers thought he was complaining about a late hit.

Later Bills kicker Dan Carpenter clanged a 50-yard attempt off the upright and said something to the officials as well. After the game he said there was a green dot shining on the holder coming from the stands.

So who did this? Could be a needle in a haystack situation. After all, attendance for the game was 62,775. You would pretty much need a miracle to figure it out. Or maybe the moron would voluntarily out himself on social media. That's what a moron would do after all:


Well, that makes it easier on the Lions, who are actively investigating the claim. Afterwards the fan deleted the tweet, but not before it was screen-capped (obviously). Later he deleted his entire account.

While we certainly understand the Bills' complaints, at least they were fortunate enough to leave Michigan with a 'W'. The Lions didn't need a laser pointer in their faces to upend their chances at victory, though at least it would explain why their own shitty kicker went 0-3 on the afternoon.

He was cut Monday.

[via CBS Sports]

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