Watch Josh Norman Freak the F*ck Out During a Fake Focus Group to Prank Emmanuel Sanders

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman freaked out during a fake focus group in order to prank Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

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Josh Norman is known for being a little bit of a hothead on the football field. While he's actually a pretty insightful guy off the field—when he's not throwing shots at other players during interviews, of course—he has a reputation for talking a lot of trash and mixing it up with the guys he's guarding.

DraftKings used this to their advantage recently when they decided to play a prank on Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. They actually told Sanders that he was going to be joining Norman to play a prank on a room full of unsuspecting people taking part in a focus group. But right before they got started, DraftKings turned the tables on Sanders and asked Norman if he would be willing to work with a bunch of actors to trick Sanders.

Norman agreed to do it, and midway through the fake focus group, he started freaking the f*ck out after several people criticized him, which immediately sent Sanders into a panic. Norman dropped a steady stream of F-bombs and kicked camera equipment and chairs before abruptly walking out of the focus group with Sanders by his side. Norman put on such a good show that, even though you obviously know he's just acting, you'll feel the tension in the room when you watch the clip above, and the look on Sanders' face when he started flipping out is priceless.

After everything was said and done, Sanders compared Norman's acting skills during the prank to Denzel Washington's performance in Training Day, which might be just a biiiiiit of a stretch. But Norman's not a bad actor at all. And his reputation for being a hothead definitely helped him here.

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