Houston Rockets' Montrezl Harrell Shoves Ref to the Ground During Heated Ending to D-League Game (UPDATE)

Ref got in-between Harrell and fellow D-Leaguer Derek Cooke Jr.

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The refs have gotten their wish as Harrell was suspended for five games:

Also, Cook was suspended for one.

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Houston Rockets rookie Montrezl Harrell is currently spending some time with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers to develop his game in the D-League. And, on Saturday night, he lost his cool after getting pushed hard by Bakersfield's Derek Cooke Jr. following the final seconds of a game that nobody really cared about. Unfortunately Harrell's attempt to respond in kind had him shoving anyone within arm's reach, including an unfortunately placed ref who hit the hardwood after trying to get in-between the two:

Afterward the NBA Refs Association released a statement, surprisingly they didn't endorse Harrell's actions: 

"After carefully reviewing videotape and related evidence concerning this incident, we have reached the inescapable conclusion that Harrell committed a deliberate assault and battery against Referee [Jason] Goldenberg. Anything less than a multiple game suspension would constitute a green light for violence against officials.”

Not entirely sure about the "deliberate assault" part. But a multi-game suspension? Yeah, that seems like a pretty safe bet.

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