LeBron James and Draymond Green Address Their Altercation During Game 4

LeBron James and Draymond Green talked about their dust-up in the fourth quarter of Friday night's Finals Game 4.

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Draymond Green has seemingly been trying his best this postseason to get suspended from a game—and yet it still hasn't happened. Come to your own conclusions about why. On Friday night he continued this quest when, late in the fourth quarter, he and LeBron James got tangled up at the top of the key, and then again a few moments later when fighting for a rebound.

Here's video of what happened. If you pay close enough attention you just may even see Green ever-so-sneakily whacking LeBron in the balls after getting up:

Here's a better view of said nutshot:

Each player was given a foul on the play, and Green potentially faces a suspension if the NBA opts to review the footage.

Obviously the two were asked about it afterwards. During his interview, LeBron suggested that what set him off wasn't the low blow, but instead something that was said. "Draymond just said something that I don't agree with," LeBron told reporters. "I'm all cool with the competition. I'm all fine with that, but some of the words that came out of his mouth were a little bit overboard." He added, "Being a guy with pride, a guy with three kids and a family, things of that nature, some things just go overboard, and that's where he took it, and that was it."

Draymond also responded by saying that the step-over is what pissed him off (something LeBron's coach knows all too well), saying "I felt he stepped over me. You're not just gonna step over me like that," he said during an NBA TV broadcast, according toUSA Today. "There's many routes you can take, don't just step over me like that. We had our words, it is what it is. I don't care who you are, I'm not gonna back down from you."

Usually, due to the unfortunate world of sports clichés​, we'd be prevented from knowing what was really said between the two athletes. However, a "source" told ESPN's Dave McMenamin that the word Green used to set LeBron off was "bitch."

Now we'll have to see if LeBron can do anything about it in Game 5 (plus 6 and 7, you know, if necessary).

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