Did a Bears Player Really Try to Slide Into His Teammate's Girlfriend's DMs?

Something fishy going on at Halas Hall.

Bears WR Josh Bellamy.
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Image via USA Today Sports/Tim Fuller

Bears WR Josh Bellamy.

This week the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Bears wide receivers Tre McBride and Josh Bellamy got into a heated argument on Monday afternoon that started in the receivers' room and then carried out into the hallway. This expletive-laden confrontation apparently went on within earshot of local media, which (of course) made it impossible to contain. Anybody who has watched the Bears this year would know it would not be wise for any of their receivers to give the team an excuse to cut them, and McBride was later waived on Tuesday.

Chicago head coach John Fox, who himself will be cut the day after the season ends, didn't offer specifics on the incident, and instead said the decision to let McBride go was performance-based. It wasn't surprising, and he also called out the Halas Hall architects when he did so. "I don’t know what’s heard or not heard," Fox said. "That room is closer to y’all [the media] than I probably would have designed."

Bellamy also commented on the matter, since you would expect a blow-up like this to be addressed after local news people overheard it. "It wasn’t nothing, man," he said. "It was just a little brotherly love. Just football. … Hey, brothers get into it. You ever get into it with your brother? Yeah. That’s normal."

On the surface this would appear to be an otherwise mundane decision in an otherwise mundane Bears season. At least until Friday, when defensive back Harold Jones-Quarterly (who was waived by Chicago at the end of preseason, and is now on the Eagles' practice squad) strongly implied that Bellamy was sneaking into the dms of McBride's girlfriend:

As pointed out by Bro Bible, Jones-Quarterly doesn't specifically say that Bellamy slid into the DMs of McBride's girlfriend. He just seems to be saying Bellamy's in the DMs of one (or more) of his teammates' girlfriends. Either way this can't be good for team morale, but it's not like you'll be able to see any difference with a season like the Bears are having.

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