This Chart Shows the Insane Amount of Money Prospects Lose When They Fall to 2nd Round in the NBA Draft

This chart will show you just how much money prospects stand to lose by falling from the first round in the NBA Draft to the second.

A picture of the stage at the 2016 NBA Draft.
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Image via USA Today Sports/Jerry Lai

A picture of the stage at the 2016 NBA Draft.

The NBA Draft is finally here, so if your name is Markelle FultzDe'Aaron FoxLonzo Ball, or LaVar Ball, then we're guessing you're pretty damn stoked right about now. However, if you're more of a fringe prospect who isn't projected to get snagged with a lottery pick, or who could fall to the second round, then you stand to make (or lose) a veritable ton of dough on Thursday night.

Every year a number of players declare for the draft who would be well suited developing at the prep level for another year. Tonight is the moment of truth for those ballers who have the range to be snagged in the first, fall to the second or *shudders* could even go undrafted. With that in mind, here's a Business Insider chart of how much money, both guaranteed and non-guaranteed, last year's picks eventually signed for when they were selected almost exactly a year ago today:

A graph showing the difference between first round and second round NBA contract values.

Refer to it if you want to build up the drama for the later rounds. And also keep it in mind when the college stars of the future turn pro against the advice of professional prognosticators.

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