Rams to Move to Los Angeles, Chargers Can Join Them If They Want

Raiders to stay in Oakland for at least one more year.

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So this is going to take some sorting out since three different ownership groups tried to break the hearts of their current fan bases in the same offseason. Here's the results for each of those teams (the Rams, Chargers and Raiders) after tonight's relocation-to-Los Angeles voting(s):

Despite history telling them that there's a decent chance nobody will show up to their games, the St. Louis Rams will become the Los Angeles Rams (or some variation) as the franchise will head west to the nation's second-largest market, a city the organization called home from 1946-1994. The move was approved by a 30-2 vote from the league's owners. Officially the Rams will play in Inglewood. Until that stadium is constructed (estimated to be finished in 2019) they'll play in USC's Memorial Coliseum.

The San Diego Chargers have the option to join the Rams in their Inglewood stadium, either now, or in the future (up through January 2017). If they opt to stay in San Diego they'll receive an infusion of cash ($100 million) to build a new stadium there.

As for the Oakland Raiders, they will stay put for now, instead, receiving that same sum of $100 million from the league's pockets to build a new stadium in their current town. If the Chargers opt not to make the move by January of next year then the Raiders will have the option to go instead. Whatever the Bolts ultimately decide to do we're sure it'll be a contentious 2016 between Raiders' ownership and their (remaining) fans.

That's all for now. We'll be sure to update if anything new breaks.

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