Lakers Add Carlos Boozer

The Los Angeles Lakers picked up former Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer on amnesty waivers.

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It wasn't a trade, but it worked out like one. The Chicago Bulls signed free agent Pau Gasol, and subsequently amnestied Carlos Boozer, their 32-year-old forward. Less than a week later, the Lakers signed Boozer off the metaphorical scrapheap, meaning that they put forth the highest bid for his services. While you may say to yourself "Aren't the Lakers rebuilding? Why would they do this?"  Remember that you still need to put a (fairly) competent team on the floor. And you might as well try to add a veteran, or two, while Kobe is still "active."

That guy (of all people) isn't going to want to bid for a lottery pick in the twilight of his career.

[via SportsCenter]

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