Canadian High School Basketball Star Is Believed to Be 30

Was still probably worth it.

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Jonathon Nicola is was a Canadian high schooler who moved to the country six months ago after emigrating from South Sudan on a student visa. Since his arrival in Canada he's become a bit of a prep basketball prodigy, which may have to do with the fact that he's 6-foot-9, or may have to do with the fact that he's as old as Chris Paul.

That's what is being alleged after Nicola was arrested by border officers for "allegedly contravening the Immigration Refugee Protection Act," though they really didn't specify what exactly that meant.

Before he was arrested, Nicola was living the good life as a star on Windsor's Catholic Central basketball team. He was home staying with the squad's head coach who had previously offered lofty praise for Nicola when he told the Windsor Star that he thought he had a shot in the NBA.

You got to think at some point this con would be exposed as an NBA team would've found out. But, then again, Greg Oden ended up going No. 1 overall, so honestly who knows?

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