Andre Iguodala's Ex-GF Alleges He Doesn't Want His Daughter Playing Basketball Out of Fear She'll Become a Lesbian

Sounds like the child support hearing went well.

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Raising kids is expensive, no doubt, but it's unclear what kind of crazy accounting Andre Iguodala's ex-girlfriend Clayanna Warthen used to come up with a figure like $58,000 per month (though you can probably guess). During a contentious child support case, that's the bloated bill Warthen wants the Finals MVP to come up with, up from $18,000 per month, because otherwise that kid would be eating cat food or something.

Warthen further alleged, at a hearing Monday, that Andre doesn't want their six-year-old daughter following in the family business for fear that playing basketball at school will turn her into a lesbian.

This came in addition to Warthen's claims that Iggy only saw his daughter nine hours during all of 2015, and didn't call on Christmas, meaning she needs extra money to cover therapy costs for the child.

Iguodala's lawyer countered that Warthen's basically using the 12-year-NBA-vet as an ATM (he'll make $11 million this season) and will use the dough for a personal chef and $7,000 for 76ers floor seats (Obligatory question: Are there really people out there paying this for a Sixers game?). His lawyer also stated that the sum she's asking for is "a prescription for spoiled children."

Sadly, we're yet to see a quote addressing the basketball-makes-you-into-a-lesbian allegations. Don't be surprised if they call in an expert to testify on that one.

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