Amanda Nunes Continues to Kick Ronda Rousey While She's Down

Amanda Nunes says she knew she would be able to beat Ronda Rousey one day the first time she saw her fight.

Amanda Nunes celebrates her victory over Ronda Rousey at UFC 207.
Image via USA Today Sports/Mark J. Rebilas
Amanda Nunes celebrates her victory over Ronda Rousey at UFC 207.

After more than a year of waiting, we finally got to see Ronda Rousey fight at UFC 207 last Friday night. And, well, let's just say it wasn't worth the wait—at allShe got pummeled in less than a minute, and her embarrassing UFC 207 showing has led many to question whether her career is over and if she was ever any good at fighting to begin with.

Meanwhile, the woman who handed Rousey her second straight loss, Amanda Nunes, is basking in the bragging rights that came along with her win. And on Thursday, she took her victory tour to TMZ for an interview and answered questions about the decidedly one-sided brawl.

First, Nunes wondered how Rousey had ever built up the reputation that she did. "I don't know how Ronda Rousey [went on] to win this division," she said. "I don't understand how those gals lost to Ronda Rousey." She added: "I knew since my first fight in the UFC I could beat Ronda Rousey."

From there, she continued her relentless trash talk. When she was asked if beating Rousey was easier than she expected it to be, she said that it was. "Yeah!" she said. "Actually my [UFC 200 fight against] Miesha Tate was harder than training for Ronda Rousey."

She was then asked if she thinks Rousey is—gasp—overrated. "Yes! For sure," she said. "UFC made this happen. They put her in a place she’s not at. I [knew I could] beat Ronda Rousey since I saw her first fight."

That's the type of trash talk UFC thrives on, and maybe if she does more of it, Nunes can get the $3 million Rousey got for her loss, instead of the $200,000 she got for her win. To see her interview with TMZ, check out the video below:

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