Cam Newton Offers Man $1,500 to Give Airplane Seat With Extra Leg Room, Gets Rejected

The passenger was not a fan of American football.

Quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers

Image via Getty/Bob Levey

Quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers

While boarding a plane from Paris to the U.S., Cam Newton realized that this 10-hour ride would be very painful if he had to squeeze his 6-foot-5 frame into his seat. So, like some people with a $16 million salary would do, Newton tried to buy a more comfortable seat from another passenger. Unfortunately for Newton, the man either doesn't like football or just despises money as he turned the cash down to keep his spot. 

In the clip, Newton is seen haggling with another passenger about the seat. After several denials, Newton eventually offers the man $1,500 to swap spots. Still, the man still refused to move.

It's hard to tell what's the bigger issue here. Is it the fact a former NFL MVP didn't reserve a suitable seat or that Cam decided to take a trip across the Atlantic Ocean dressed in jeans and a fedora?

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