Kevin Durant Claps Back at Twitter Trolls Who Are Talking Trash

Kevin Durant is tired of Twitter trolls, so he went after them head on.

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The NBA Finals are over, which means Kevin Durant is back on Twitter.

KD has a lot of time on his hands, basking in the glory of his first NBA title. Apparently, he has so much time that he took it upon himself to address a few Twitter users who have been all up in his mentions with their hot takes and other random insults. Here’s him going in a few days ago:

we didn't lose though 😂😂😂😂
Bro you are the most swaggerless star of all time shame on you for being so godamn boring
swaggerless star?? Explain this one to me. So I should be more like you or somebody else? I'm lost

Today, Durant is still being a savage. It all started when he complemented Phoenix Mercury’s Diana Taurasi, who became the WNBA’s all-time scoring leader following the team’s win against the Los Angeles Sparks (90-59) in L.A. From there, KD was having some fun, getting into an argument with one superfan from OKC. A "fart in your face" insult was actually hurled.

Yep, DT gets buckets. Any way you want em
smh these boys only watch highlights on instagram and follow analytics
I really can't sleep at night but mainly because I've forced myself to STAY WOKE
somebody is PISSED. Sorry for the damage I caused. Well not really but I hope you get through this rough time
bruh really? The "fart in your face" comeback? You were doing so well.

At this point, you're probably wondering why KD is even engaging in social media at all. Everyone needs to blow off steam somehow, right?

me either. I got time today though, I ain't ain't have time before but it's time now
but u wasn't with me shooting in the gym tho, so how do u know my work habits?
so I can't even use twitter anymore? Where do I go to get validated?
bro u got 198,000 tweets, I don't think you're less of a man because of it. Let me get my shit off, geez

But this might be the real reason. Says "the legend":

nah I'm flying right now and the wifi kicked in. I don't have anything else to do
so you're callin me a legend? Thank u

LOL. Nice curve.

nah I'm good. Appreciate it

Keep doing you, KD.

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