The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl, a feat that was celebrated by an unlikely source. 

After the Eagles win against the 49ers on Sunday, the official Twitter account of the Empire State Building tweeted out a photo of it lit in green in honor of the victory. 

As you might expect, New Yorkers (and Giants fans in particular) were perplexed that the iconic building would in any way support the Giants’ bitter rivals. Even the team’s official Twitter account was confused.

To make matters worse, the Giants were eliminated from the playoffs after by the Eagles just last week. In fact, New Yorkers actually showed up to the building in protest. 

An unaffiliated Twitter account called Empire State Colors tweeted that the building would be changing colors for the winning teams of both the NFC and AFC Championships.

That was eventually confirmed by the building itself. 

Still, that didn’t stop people from being pissed off online because, hey, it’s Twitter. Check out some of the more notable reactions below.