A GIF-by-GIF Breakdown of Rockets Fan Getting Friend Zoned on Kiss Cam

This dude tried to kiss his female companion at a Rockets game and instead got sent to the friend zone.

Image via Twitter

If you're a Houston Rockets fan, Thursday night's game against the Spurs was a punch to the gut. Not only did the Rockets get blown out by nearly 40 points in the elimination game, but James Harden completely disappeared, scoring just 10 points on 2-of-11 shooting.

Here's the silver lining though: you're not the Rockets fan in the video above who was completely curved on the Kiss Cam. In just 10 seconds he went from a potential prospect to getting put in the friend zone for the rest of his life. Below, a GIF-by-GIF breakdown.

The realization this is doomed from the start.


The woman outside of camera view is definitely into this happening, so at least he's got some support in his corner.


Laugh it off, show you're completely unfazed by this impending L.






The guy behind them has the perfect reaction.

One thing to note: the Rockets production team was quick to throw up that "friend zone" graphic, so either this was another staged kiss cam fail, or they could see the writing on the wall from jump.

We'll believe whatever gets the most laughs. Looking forward to more of these moments next season.

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