Bernard Hopkins Literally Knocked Out of Ring in Final Fight Against Joe Smith Jr.

Benard Hopkins' final fight of his career ended with the legendary boxer getting knocked out of the ring against opponent Joe Smith Jr.

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Bernard Hopkins' final fight of his career couldn't have ended on a worse note as the legendary boxer was literally knocked out of the ring by opponent Joe Smith Jr. The knockout took place in the eighth round at The Forum in Inglewood, and the crowd erupted as Hopkins fell through the ropes and was unable to return to the ring with an injury.

Bernard Hopkins just retired.
Joe Smith damn near kills Bernard Hopkins! #HopkinsSmith

It was the first loss in Hopkins' career by TKO, who prior to this match held a 55-7-2 record with those seven losses coming by decision. Smith Jr. retained his WBC light heavyweight title with the victory, but of course all people were talking about following the match was Hopkins hitting the floor. 

Bernard Hopkins got jumped by Joe Smith Jr and Father Time.....
Bernard Hopkins out the ring.
Hopkins to God last night
" Lord, send me a sign if I should retire "

God " say no more "
I love Bernard Hopkins, but holy hell. His old ass got knocked out of the whole damn ring. Time to call it a career, B-Hop.
Bernard Hopkins ends his career by getting knocked out of the ring 😂 you can't make this stuff up
Joe Smith isn't 2016 fighter of the year but he has had one hell of a 2016. KO of the year candidate and ends Hopkins career.
Dam hopkins got his soul and life force knocked outta him

At 51, Hopkins seemingly had an uphill battle against a younger opponent in Smith Jr. (27). Guess you're never too old to become a meme.

Pour one out for Bernard Hopkins

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