Adult Film Star Lisa Ann Names the Thirstiest Pro Athlete Ever

Adult film star Lisa Ann has named the thirstiest pro athlete she has ever met.

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Thanks to her infamous night with Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent, everybody now knows all about adult film star Lisa Ann and her affection for elite athletes.

The star of such cinematic classics as Who's Nailin' Paylin took to Twitter today to discuss a question seemingly everybody wants to know: who else has she dated? And what details can she give us?

Lisa Ann clearly is a woman of the people, and dropped this little anecdote about the Philadelphia Flyers’ Michael Del Zotto. If the story is true, it sounds like he has some work to do on his game:

It appears she then offered a typical Del Zotto text:

It appears that at that point, someone let Del Zotto know what was going on. He blocked Lisa Ann, but that did little to stop this first amendment-loving, free speech enthusiast:

Hell hath no fury like Lisa Ann, apparently.

[via Deadspin]

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