One Reason Why Your NFL Team Won't Win Super Bowl LVIII

There can only be one team left standing to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in February. Here's why all 32 NFL teams will NOT win Super Bowl LVIII.

Mark Makela / Getty Images

Every summer, optimism runs rampant throughout every city as each NFL team is preparing for the start of the regular season. All of last year's sins are forgiven and everyone stars with a new slate. While some teams may be looking to build off successful seasons last year, others are trying to shock the football world with an unexpected leap unless you're the Cardinals. 

However, there can only be one team left standing to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in February. Some teams will consider falling short a disappointment whiles others, like the Cardinals, will consider a massive success. 

We listed one reason why every NFL team will NOT win the Super Bowl this year. Some teams have a plethora of reasons why they won't but for the sake article, we'll only use one. With that being said, here are the major reasons for all 32 teams that will likely prevent them from winning the Super Bowl. 

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chris Jones Debacle

Philadelphia Eagles: Coaching Staff Turnover

Buffalo Bills: Not the Von Miller of Old

San Francisco 49ers: The Shoe Falls Off Purdy

Cincinnati Bengals: Safety Replacements Underwhelm

Dallas Cowboys: Mike McCarthy is the Coach

New York Jets: Aaron Rodgers’ Protection Plan

Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson Can't Stay On The Field

Detroit Lions: Jared Goff Comes Up Just Short

Miami Dolphins: Offensive Stagnation

Los Angeles Chargers: Can't Stop the Run

New Orleans Saints: Old

Seattle Seahawks: Defensive Front Talent/Depth

Jacksonville Jaguars: Pass Rush Deficiencies

Minnesota Vikings: Guard Pass Protection

Cleveland Browns: Deshaun Watson Continues to Stink

Denver Broncos: Javonte Williams Isn’t Ready

Chicago Bears: Uninspiring Defensive Line Play

Pittsburgh Steelers: Inability to Win Shootouts

Atlanta Falcons: No One to Steer the Ship

New England Patriots: Lackluster Perimeter Weaponry

Green Bay Packers: Lack of Skill Player Experience

New York Giants: Evan Neal Fails to Improve

Washington Commanders: Terry McLaurin’s Injury Lingers

Carolina Panthers: Brian Burns’ Absence

Las Vegas Raiders: What’s the Plan for Linebacker?

Tennessee Titans: Father Time Defeats Derrick Henry

Los Angeles Rams: Top-Heavy Roster

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tom Brady’s Footsteps

Indianapolis Colts: Cornerback Trouble

Houston Texans: Problems at the Pivot

Arizona Cardinals: So Anyway... Moving on to 2024

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