Infographic: The Celebrity DUI Breathalyzer

Find out the number that each celeb blew when the cops came looking for an autograph.

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Image via Complex Original
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There are two ways we all love to see our celebrities: drunk and behind bars. And they surely are accommodating, unable to resist the urge to drive themselves home after a night lost in a bottle of booze. 

Although we don’t condone the behavior, we are willing to indulge in some good old celebrity meltdowns and mishaps. Seeing our favorite celebs get wild and crazy under the influence allows us to live through them. Or maybe we just get a kick out of watching people spend money to get into trouble. Either way, no words make a greater headline than  “drunk” and “arrested.” 

Just how drunk do these celebs allow themselves to get before they hop behind the wheel of a car? On the graphic below, click on each head and watch as the breathalyzer calculates just how famously plastered these celebs were when the cops came looking for an autograph. 


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