Twitter Blasts Draymond Green for Kicking Steven Adams In the Junk for a Second Time

This is the second time this series that Draymond Green has kicked Steven Adams in the junk.

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Oklahoma City Thunder center Steve Adams already called out Golden State Warriors' forward/center Draymond Green for his play so far in the Western Conference Finals. Before Game 3, Adams said, "He's peaked with annoyingness."


During the second quarter of Sunday's Game 4, Green drove down the lane with the ball and Adams all over. After Green gathered himself to do an up-and-under fake move near the hoop, he flailed his arms and legs to sell a foul call and ended up kicked Adams in the family jewels. Adams then winced for about one minute in pain after receiving the junk-check.

Adams was called for a shooting foul on the play, and Green was slapped with a Flagrant 1 foul for the kick. This is the second time this series that Green has kicked Adams in his package, and Twitter went in on Green for what seemed to go beyond an accidental leg flail. Here are some of the Twitter reactions from the witnesses of the play.

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