Watching the Toronto Raptors Mascot Impersonate Justin Bieber Is What the World Needs Today

Hey, it's the NBA Playoffs, where "amazing" happens, right?

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Not all Canadians sound nor look alike, of course. But who knew that Justin Bieber has a Toronto-based fake dinosaur as his doppelganger, with a voice like his to match?

During halftime of Game 1 for the Pacers-Raptors series in Toronto, the Raptors mascot put on a hilarious showcase when he sported a baseball hat, flannel shirt with a white undershirt, some blue jeans, and pretended to sing to a bunch of pretty girls dancing by lip-syncing Biebs' song "What Do You Mean?" As for Bieber is getting much flack for cultural appropriation by sporting blonde dreadlocks, the Raptors team management looked to steer clear of their mascot being in that same line fire, so they settled for a Bieber-esque blonde wig draped over one of its eyes.

And even though mascots aren't known for their lip-syncing abilities, The Raptor did a pretty good job making the ladies swoon on cue to the beat while wearing his heart on his sleeve as you see in the above clip.

With the NBA Playoffs underway, this is certainly another great example of where "amazing" happens.

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