Shaquille O'Neal Jumps Late Onto the Leonard Fournette Heisman Winner Bandwagon, And Twitter Clowns Him For It

Shaq claims to be the first to predict LSU's Leonard Fournette will win the Heisman Trophy

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LSU alumnus Shaquille O'Neal is proud to represent his alma mater. And after showcasing two Player Of The Week-caliber performances in a row, LSU running back Leonard Fournette is making it easier for Shaq to show his support for the Tigers football squad.  Shaq loves to take credit for a lot of things, including emphatically tweeting— not once, but twice—  his predictions that Fournette is bound take home the Heisman. 

Lsu #7 MR FOURNETTE 2015 HEISMANN WINNER you heard it here first #GeauxTigers

— SHAQ (@SHAQ) September 26, 2015

I'm a say it again @SHAQ: Lsu #7 MR FOURNETTE 2015 HEISMANN WINNER you heard it here first #GeauxTigers

— SHAQ (@SHAQ) September 26, 2015

He made these predictions as LSU faced Syracuse on Saturday, where Fournette made history as the first LSU running back to run for over 200 yards in two consecutive games. Fournette trampled all over the Orangemen with 244 rushing yards in the Carrier Dome.

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If the Heisman voting ended today, Shaq would more than likely be right. But every other major sports media outlet and college football fans have been talking about this prediction for weeks. And Twitter was relentless to let The Big Fella know that he's very late to the Fournette-For-Heisman rally.

Here's are some tweets from people responding in the tone of a loud "DUH!" to Shaq's "predictions" for the Heisman hopeful:

@SHAQ lol you're definitely not first sorry Shaq

— nostra (@SirJDoran) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ a little tardy on that one Shaq

— CHARLOTTEsports (@etip11) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ @JordyCulotta I wouldn't say 1st Shaq... we said it when he was a sophomore at St. Aug

— Super 60 Basketball (@primetimeselect) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ you know they're playing Syracuse, right?

— Jack W (@JWillsNH) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ not even close to first lol

— Hockey Commenter (@AngryHockey56) September 26, 2015

LMFAOOOO RT @SHAQ: Lsu #7 MR FOURNETTE 2015 HEISMANN WINNER you heard it here first #GeauxTigers

— God Lare 🫡 (@KingElJay) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ not first but largest probably.

— Hydrating on Wild fan tears. Cry more minny. (@grantsclay) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ @NolandCarson first? Been hearing that for awhile now

— King Tilly I (@HesGoingtoScore) September 26, 2015

.@SHAQ first??? people have been saying that since last year Shaqtus

— Russell Bettinger (@rustbettinger30) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ Everybody's been saying it big fella

— Optimus Primetown (@JayPrimetown) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ I said it week 2 Shaq

— ⛄️⛄️⛄️ (@KevSnowMan) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ Definitely didn't hear it here 1st lol but yea he should DEFINITELY win it

— Matt Zelinsky (@MattZelinsky) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ way to go on that call.

— Edgar Cruz (@Gmenlives) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ @ESPNCFB I heard it from @BruceFeldmanCFB over a year ago... #LSU

— SEC Mike (@MichaelWBratton) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ @JohnKincade I guess Shaq was asleep lady 2 weeks

— Wesley (@painlessmd) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ calm down Shaq, he's playing Syracuse...

— Oiler Throwback SZN (@jffjnny) September 26, 2015

@SHAQ @ESPNCFB way to go out on a limb there Diesel. Everyone already KNOWS that.

— Jamie Baldwin (@Alpha_Sigma74) September 26, 2015

Granted, it's hard not to believe the hype about Fournette. But just like in a huge circle of people talking shop about the best, and posing like an expert yet speaking the obvious, it sucks to be that guy when they call you out. Stick to Icy Hot pitches and commentating for TNT's NBA games, Shaq.

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