Robert Griffin III and His Girlfriend's Wallets Were Stolen in Cleveland Browns' Parking Garage

Robert Griffin III's girlfriend noticed their wallets were missing from her car after valet workers parked it in the Browns players' parking garage.

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The string of bad luck in Robert Griffin III's NFL career weirdly doesn't seem to cease for him. But since he's still inactive from the Browns' roster, this unlucky instance isn't related to football.

RGIII and his girlfriend Grete Sadeiko mysteriously had both their wallets stolen from her car after she parked it in the Browns' players' parking garage during Sunday's game against the Giants at FirstEnergy Stadium. The car was taken by valet workers after they arrived for the game, and Sadeiko noticed the wallets filled with cash were gone after she returned to the car after the game.

Sadeiko and Griffin III's tweeted their grievances upon the discovery of their missing wallets.

Then multiple people on Twitter trolled the couple with no qualms to hit them with rhetorical questions about their lost wallets.

Then RGIII's girlfriend struck back at the shit-talkers to clarify that this was in the Browns players' and families private garage.

So this wasn't in a regular parking lot for just any random thief or for sticky-fingered fans to look into her car's window to find the wallets out on their car seat. It's hard to trust anyone anymore.

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