The Internet Is Handing Louisville QB Lamar Jackson the Heisman for Dominating Florida State

We included a breakdown of why Lamar Jackson is the frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy right now.

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Florida State is the No. 2-ranked team in the country this week and came into today's game against Louisville with a 2-0. And as of Monday, their ranking will take a dive down the Top 10 after they got annihilated 63-20 by No. 10 Louisville  (3-0) on Saturday afternoon at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. It was the Cardinals first ever win against a Top 2-ranked team, and you can blame the Seminole bloodbath on Louisville's emerging star quarterback Lamar Jackson. Now the internet is claiming that he deserves the Heisman Trophy not later, but right now.

So what's up with all the buzz surrounding this kid? Here's a quick breakdown why:

  • The sophomore dominated the game with four touchdowns on 146 rushing yards, and went 13 for 20 on passing attempts for 216 yards against the Seminoles. He had 5 touchdowns, and 4 total by halftime.
  • In his first game of the season against Charlotte, which Louisville won in a 70-14 blowout, Jackson set a school record with 8 touchdowns (all in the first half!) and had 286 passing yards on 17 of 23 passing attempts, and 119 rushing yards.
  • In the Cards second game against Syracuse, they beat them in another landslide final score 68-28, where Jackson had 411 passing yards on 20-39 passing attempts, and put up 199 rushing yards. He had 5 touchdowns by halftime.

Need I say more? We'll let Michael Vick's co-sign regarding Jackson's performance against Florida State tell you another reason why.

That's huge because Vick was THE MAN that no one could stop back in the day at Virginia Tech.

Here are some other Twitter reactions to Jackson's performance earlier today.

After the game, Lamar even squeezed in a shout out to Kodak Black, who is currently incarcerated with no timeline of when he is slated to come home.

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