Julian Edelman Compares Tom Brady's Four-Game Suspension to Jail Time

Julian Edelman spoke about Tom Brady's four-game suspension to begin the Patriots' season.

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Tom Brady's four-game suspension from the Deflategate scandal began on Saturday. Much of the Boston area and New England at large are reeling from him not being able to play. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is apparently taking this loss as hard as the team's fans.

According to Boston Globe writer Ben Volin, Edelman spoke about Brady's suspension on Sunday and made in interesting analogy about it: "I’m not gonna lie; it’s like one of your buddies going to jail."

Well, understand that this is Tom Brady's ace on and off the field, so this is why he's speaking to this extreme. Plus, if you have any friends who are Patriots fans, you've probably heard them speak in the same tone as Edelman about the greatest player to ever put on a Patriots uniform being sidelined at the behest of Roger Goodell and the NFL brass. Pats fans tend to feel like life isn't fair right now because of this suspension that was lifted just before the start of last season following Brady's victorious appeal, and was put back on again in April.

But to compare Brady's absence from the first four games of the season to the place where their former teammate and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez now lives is a bit much, no? Edelman can just look up at the new giant image of Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots' home field, to feel Brady's presence watching over Edelman and the team during his suspension.


— New England Patriots (@Patriots) September 4, 2016

Julian will just have to find a way to connect with Brady's backup Jimmy Garoppolo, who will replace Brady for the Patriots' first four games of the season. I'm sure he'll be okay during those four games.

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