Dana White Calls the WWE "Fake," Makes a Lot of Pro Wrestling Fans Mad

WWE fans are NOT happy with Dana White.

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UFC 190 is tonight. It features Ronda Rousey, one of the UFC's biggest stars. So at the moment, all eyes should be on that event when it comes to MMA talk on Twitter. But unfortunately, that's not the case—and UFC President Dana White has no one but himself to blame for it.

Last night, White and a WWE fan went at it on Twitter with regards to the price of UFC 190. The fan—who goes by the name @RKORollins on the social media site—told White that he wishes he could afford to order the PPV. He also pointed out that WWE PPVs are much more affordable than UFC PPVs. And White responded to him by referring to the WWE as "fake shit" and saying that it should only cost $9.99 for a WWE PPV:

That led to a brief back-and-forth between White and the WWE fan with White referring to pro wrestling as fake two more times:

And while White did add that all of the WWE wrestlers he has worked with are "awesome," his comments obviously did not sit well with all of the pro wrestling fans out there. Here's how some of them responded to White:

Several wrestlers also chimed in, with Seth Rollins providing the best response to White:

White probably picked the wrong night to try to make the "wrestling is fake" argument, no? Then again, it does have everyone talking about him and, by extension, UFC, so...win?

Either way, he's not backing down from his comments and continues to go at it with fans on Twitter:

Love him or hate him, this guy is entertaining as hell.

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