#TaylorSwiftCurse: The Knicks Stink And It's All Taylor Swift's Fault

After Wednesday night's blowout loss, there are some who are blaming the Knicks misfortune on the Taylor Swift Curse.

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During the 2014 NBA Finals, DJ Khaled made a boastful appearance on ESPN's First Take, calling Miami "champions" and the San Antonio Spurs "cheaters." Shortly after Khaled's declaration, Miami lost three consecutive games by a combined 57 points, birthing "The DJ Khaled Curse" and effectually guaranteeing that the Heat will never again win an NBA title.

And, of course, there's Lil' B's curse on Kevin Durant, which explains why the 5x NBA All Star has as many rings as I do. 

Now, there appears to be a new paranormal force acting upon one of the NBA's banner franchises. During Wednesday night's season opener, Amar'e Stoudemire and Taylor Swift—New York's recently appointed "welcome ambassador"—performed a duet rendition of "Shake it Off." At the time, New York led Chicago by five points. After the video, however, New York was outscored 93-to-64 en route to a blowout loss. Sure, there are some "experts" who might blame a crippling lack of talent or growing pains related to the triangle offense, but the especially woke among us know exactly who is to blame. For more, check out the video above.

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