Breaking Down the NBA All Star Celebrity Game 2015 Snubs

Complex News breaks downt the NBA Celebrity All Star Game 2015 snubs.

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NBA All Star Weekend is seven days away. And, while most of the "snub" talk has centered around Damian Lillard (who is highly deserving, BTW), Portland's standout point guard gets to prove his worth on the basketball court 82+ times per season. When it comes to slights on ASW, the real victims are those participating (or rather, not participating) in the annual celebrity game. These players get one nationally televised opportunity to stunt each season. The stakes are high. The opportunities are rare. And, every year, someone gets sacrificed so one of the dude's from Mike & Mike can shoot 1-for-9 from the field. SMH.

For a look at the Celebrity All Star Game 2015 snubs, check out the video above.

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