He's Back! Allen Iverson's Greatest Moments in Philly

A.I. is back for the first time in Philadelphia, so we've compiled the most memorable clips from his past life as a 76er.

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Guess you can go home again: After beginning his career in Philadelphia, Allen Iverson last week re-signed with his O.G. squad and is slated to start for the 76ers when they host the Denver Nuggets tonight at 7 p.m. (NBA TV). After a storied 11-season run as a Sixer, A.I. was traded to Denver in 2006 and has since had stints at a couple other teams, including this year's brief—and awkward—dalliance with the Memphis Grizzlies. Iverson has never been the same since leaving Philly, so A.I. fans are looking forward to his return to the familiar red, white, and blue. He may be 34 now, but we're sure he's got something to prove. And at 5-15, the Sixers can't get much worse.

To get ready for what will undoubtedly be an emotional night at the Wachovia Center, we've compiled The Top 10 Allen Iverson Moments From His First Tenure in Philly. Read on to see why A.I. is such a legend in the City of Brotherly Love...


DATE: 1996
WHY: Allen Iverson instantly made Reebok cool when he signed with the brand after being drafted by the 76ers in the summer of '96. Reebok's first A.I. shoe—The Question—did not disappoint, becoming one of the first non-Jordan signature shoes to cause store frenzy. Reebok had long planned a re-release of The Question this year, but things were looking grim when A.I. was talking retirement last month. In one of the more fortuitous marketing coinky-dinks ever, Iverson re-upped with Philly and now the the 'Bok's current Question ad campaign looks not only timely, but prophetic. Reports are that Iverson will be rocking the O.G. colorway tonight.


DATE: February 12, 2005
WHY: Probably his last great moment as a Sixer (before now), A.I. ran roughshod over the Magic in his only career 60-point game. Vintage Iverson.


DATE: October 17, 2005
WHY: One could easily argue that David Stern's dress code was instituted specifically for A.I. and the doo-rag/fitted/throwback steez that he popularized around the league. When the new rules were announced, Iverson immediately denounced them as racist and unfair. He eventually acquiesced, but still managed to rock a suit in a way that gave a middle-finger to authority. Take that!

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