Stephen Jackson Says He Will 'Use Everything I Have' to Get Conviction in George Floyd's Death

Former NBA star Stephen Jackson held a press conference and promised to use his platform to get a conviction for the cops involved in George Floyd’s killing.

stephen jackson

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stephen jackson

In a press conference on Friday, Stephen Jackson said he is doing everything he can to make sure the cops involved in the murder of George Floyd are dealt with appropriately.

“If there’s no answers, we gotta come up with our own answers—and we willing to do that,” Jackson said. “Understand that, we willing to do that. We gonna use our platform; I’m [going to] use everything I have to get a conviction, to get all these motherfuckers in jail. Excuse my French, I’m angry. But I’m a proud black man.”

Stephen Jackson says he will do everything in his power for charges and convictions for the police officers involved in #GeorgeFloyd ‘s death @kare11 @DaTrillStak5

— Sharon Yoo (@SharonKARE11) May 29, 2020

Stephen Jackson sharing his thoughts on the death of his “twin,” #GeorgeFloyd he said he and Floyd were friends for 20+ years. @kare11

— Sharon Yoo (@SharonKARE11) May 29, 2020

A number of other celebrities were also in attendance for the news briefing, including Karl-Anthony Towns, Jamie Foxx, Trae Tha Truth, Mysonne, and Bun B.

T-Wolves star @KarlTowns is also in attendance behind @DaTrillStak5.

— Marc J. Spears (@MarcJSpears) May 29, 2020

Jamie Foxx, Trae Tha Truth, Stephen Jackson, Mysonne, and Bun B out in #Minneapolis calling for justice for George Floyd. ✊🏽 #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #Houston

credit: @SharonKARE11

— 93.7 The Beat (@937thebeat) May 29, 2020
Jamie Foxx joins social justice advocates in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in solidarity over the death of George Floyd: "All I wanted to do is let you know that we're not afraid to stand...we're not afraid of the moment."

Jackson mourned the loss of his friend Floyd this week in an Instagram post, sharing that they fondly called each other “twin” due to the nature of their close relationship.

Speaking on NBC's Today, Jackson said he hasn't "been the same since" he watched the video of Floyd being killed.  

"My girlfriend’s mom is from Minnesota, and we talk about these types of things all the time," Jackson said, as transcribed by Yahoo Sports. "And she sends me videos all the time. So, I was actually asleep on the couch with my daughter. And she sent me the video. And I looked at the video, and I was thinking it was just another video that she was sending me – another black man getting murdered by the police. And I didn’t really pay attention to it. As I clicked out of the message, I had 50 messages, and I clicked on one of them from my friend Mike D. And he said, “You see what they did to your twin in Minnesota?” And I jumped up, screamed, scared my daughter. Almost broke my hand punching stuff, because I was so mad. Because I’m the type of guy – I get mad, and I get into a full face of tears when I see a homeless man on the street that I can’t help. So, let alone, my best friend on TV for the world to see getting killed over a fraud charge off a fake 20-dollar bill, it just destroyed me."

Also on Friday, Derek Chauvin, the officer who killed Floyd,  was arrested and charged with murder in the third degree and manslaughter in the second degree. 

Derek Chauvin officially charged in death of #GeorgeFloyd with third-degree murder and manslaughter.


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