O.J. Simpson Now a 'Completely Free Man,' Nicole Brown's Sister Sounds Off on His Early Release From Parole

O.J. Simpson's lawyer says that the former NFL player was released from his parole on Dec. 1 in connection to an armed robbery conviction from 2008.

OJ Simpson in court in Las Vegas

Image via Getty/Pool

OJ Simpson in court in Las Vegas

O.J. Simpson is now free from his parole for an armed robbery conviction in Las Vegas in 2008.

His attorney, Malcolm La Vergne says he became “a completely free man” when the Nevada parole board freed him from his parole on Dec. 1, NPR reports. The 74-year-old was supposed to be on parole until Sept. 29, 2022, but was given early release for good behavior.

In 2008, he was hit with armed robbery charges and subsequently convicted, serving nine years in prison until his 2017 release. He was found guilty after he and five men, two of whom had guns, accosted a sports collectibles dealer at a casino hotel. He was on parole following his release.

Years before, in 1994, Simpson was acquitted of murder in connection to the death of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. However, a California court later made him pay $33.5 million to the families of the victims in a civil suit.

Brown’s sister, Tanya isn’t happy that Simpson has been released from parole. She told TMZ that he “doesn’t deserve a second chance,” despite her belief that he’ll attempt some kind of a Hollywood comeback. 

Brown said that she still believes he killed her sister, something for which he hasn’t shown any “remorse.” She also believes he “hasn’t done much to show he’s changed,” per TMZ.

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