Kevin Garnett Believes Michael Jordan Is the Past, Says Fans Need to ‘Embrace This Greatness’ of Current NBA Players

The former NBA player also gave LeBron James his flowers.

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Kevin Garnett wants us to look beyond NBA legends Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, and appreciate the league’s current greatness.

In a new conversation with Stephen A. Smith, KG shared his stance. "We got to get over this. Michael Jordan, Magic, they are the past. We got to embrace this new ish bro,” the former NBA player said. “We need to embrace the greatness that's before us right now. … Excuse my French, but fuck what's happened last year.”

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As a diehard MJ fan, Smith didn’t take the conversation lightly. He posited the Chicago Bulls legend to be No. 1 and LeBron as No. 2

“If I sit up there and I say of the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of players, I think MJ is number one and LeBron James is number two all-time—whether you disagree or agree with me, I’m not disrespecting you by saying you number two all time.”

Garnett appeared to disagree: “That’s what that says when you say that. That’s what I’m saying.”

"We ain't ever seen a n***a 38, average 30 and then got 39,000 [points]. We ain't never seen that,” Garnett said of LeBron.

It didn’t seem to matter though, with Smith still backing Jordan. “We did see a motherfucker win, three-peat twice, after three-peating then took a year and a half off, and came back and three-peated again. That’s not insulting anybody is what I’m trying to say. It’s appreciating all of the greatness.”

Garnett gave both players their flowers, though. “[MJ] is my goat of all of this … He’s the vision of what every Black man should aspire for. … He’s set the tone, right?”

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He then spoke on LeBron: “I played against bro. I’ve let it go. It ain’t personal with me no more. I’m watching as a fan and I’m giving flowers, and I’m looking at it from a different perspective of things that I’ve never seen in the game, Steve.”

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